Cylinder head and nozzle

Can anyone confirm the J11 cyl head and nozzle is the same as gen8,9,10?


The Gen 8 gearbox is different from the Gen 9 and J10… I can’t believe the J11 would have a new, different gearbox to the J10… however, I haven’t seen one (yet) noidea

I thought the j11 was based on a v3 style gearbox and I also though that 8,9&10 had the same cyl head & nozzle?:thinking:

Ive never actually measured up the difference between 8,9,10 nozzle etc as they’re all sold as being interchangeable…:thinking::man_shrugging:

Yeah alot of parts are interchangeable between Gen 8 and the others… only the Gen 8 has the motor holder that bolts to the gearbox even when the gearbox is not mounted in the blaster… the Gen 9 and J10 have the gearbox mounted then the motor is inside the grip… And the Gen 8 motor has the short, unsupported shaft…

I would think that the J11 would be like the J10… it will be interesting to find out when someone pipes up that has one :grin:

This ebay ad suggests that most things are interchangeable

Yaaa. Gen 8 is 460 short
Gen 9 & 10 are 460 long.
Unsure what the j11 is, whether they’ve gone 460 or 480 short…:thinking:

Anyway, all good I just wanted to double check the cylinder head and nozzle were the same before I go purchasing for a build.:sweat_smile:

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Probably best to wait until you hear from someone who has one… otherwise you will be playing pioneer …

And we will have to call you Daniel Boon laughing (1)

Daniel Boon


Just had one apart and yes looks to be a standard JM cylinder head and nozzle


I’d be a little careful with the ebay kits that claim to be universal… there’s always variation just in the production of parts, and that’s not counting compatibility between generations.

Lots of us have ordered parts that should fit but don’t due to subtle differences. I ordered a kit like this for a Gen 8 and ended up with some parts I couldn’t use. I’ll reference Low Guido’s Gen 9 upgrade video on YouTube using one of these kits… a lot of those so called upgraded parts were poorly made with fitment issues and had to be binned. :+1:


Awesome, I havent gotten my hands on one yet and although I was confident from photos that it looked the same, I just wanted to be 100%. Cheers mate.

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There is lots of counterfeit ones and fakes as well…

there are so many clones and clones of clones of clones… no one really knows if they have a real one or not badluck

What is real or genuine ? Genuine JM is horse :poop: anyway.

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