Cylinder head/nozzle

Hey peeps anyone know of a cylinder head and nozzle that will work with the war interest v2 gearbox and the supplied tpiece?

hey kenny good to see another person not afraid to get their hands pretty sure jen9 and 8 parts are made from same plaxe

Cheers Mr. Milkman have been tinkering with rc cars for years so when I heard about gel blasters the bug bit hard and I knew I had to build one

hard to tell in the pick but the Kublai nozzle has a smaller Inner diameter than gen 8/9

Jm one is the blue one. Kublai black and red

Hey Cameron I also grabbed one of them and matching cylinder head hoping it would work alas the outer diameter is to big for the war interest tpiece it does fit nicely on a Kublai v2 nozzle but it is too short for the tpiece that comes with that also.

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question still unanswered to this day

I did end up finding one and I see a few places are selling them now but it took a lot of searching when I got mine

Hey @Kenny where did you find the nozzle and cylinder head that worked on the HK416 ?

Hey bud I got this one from beastpro
It seems like everyone has sold out at the moment but m4a1 and renegade do have them on the web sites

Thanks Very much Kenny !
Also , what barrel are you using on the HK416 or do you recommend ?

I only used the warinterest gearbox shell and tpiece for a custom build I did so I’m not sure what the barrel is on the hk416. But I’ve got a 42cm xforce barrel 7.5id now started with a 40cm bruisemaster but I couldn’t / didn’t want to sort out the feed issues I was having

@Kenny Thanks chief , I just ordered the Bruismaster barrel before you replied .
That custom build looks awesome ! Would be awesome to know what you built there, looks bloody cool !

Cheers mate took a lot of hours to get there but it is worth it. You mite get lucky with your bruisemaster some people they work well for others not so much I was one of the others. As for the build it’s a
. Maopul nylon receiver
. 10 inch metal hand guard from chainsaw/Azrails
. Alloy buffer tube
. LDT gearbox, shs 18/1 gears, metal rack piston, alloy cylinder head & nozzle, ball bearing spring retainer, 100% cylinder, purple chihai motor, m125 spring
. Hk416 grip
. Wells butt stock
And I think that’s about it