Cylinder, plunger & nozzle

Looking for recommendations and lessons learned around the various designs and manufactures of cylinder heads, piston heads and nozzles.

i see there are some double oring piston heads which on the face of it sound like a good idea but after a spot of thought would probably be less awesome than they sound.

what’s the brains trust got, had, desire and learned?

I have the stainless CNC cylinder head from ebay. It is an extremely tight bit of gear, but it seals perfectly and the nozzle slides smoothly while maintaining an extremely good seal. The rubber on the back of the unit is also of high quality and cannot leak.

next time you have it appart @ThatGuy can you measure the diameter of the rubber tip - the JJ SLR is a bit slimmer than most

The rubber on the tip of the nozzle?


the overall length of the nozzle itself would be handy also

the SLR is a mash of different “standards”

let me know what you think when it arrives

i’ll probably be looking to change out the t piece as well but…when i get there

Yeah its all pulled apart at home, so ill get some measurements/pics tonight for you. Might make a thread for it.

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