Cylinder porting?

Hello, just a quick question I know within the gearbox sometimes the piston cylinder is ported due to there being a shorter barrel. Since the umpy uses such a short barrel is it a good idea to use a ported cylinder, or just stick to the full length one?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Mine has a full port cylinder and standard barrel length and it shoots well sitting at about 280fps.

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That is exactly what I am looking for in fps, could I please ask what modifications are done to yours from stock?

@Simon_A I didnt do any, I got the one from beast pro

I just put a scope, metal kit, and metal rails on mine, and a tracer unit on the front.
Pretty accurate and stings. came with an 11.1v battery and a b3 charger

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Wow, there’s not much modding needed at all, cheers mate.
Im putting one of these on

If you look at the inner dimensions thats huge, then inside gonna fit a

Or a 11v equivalent.

dont reckon u will need it. the 11.1v 3s battery lasts for ages
2s might be a bit slow

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So there are no problems running them at 11v?

Spose it depends on what motor you using.

Thats the golden question I have no idea…