Cyma CQB Hop up

Looking for a Cyma Hop up, can anyone suggest one please.

Cheers Yeti.

I am looking for the same.

From memory the inner barrel doesn’t protrude from the outer barrel so you will have to use the DK J10 hop up , it screws onto the 14mm CCW thread, it’s not a perfect solution but it works pretty well


The barrel does by about 5-7 mm, I have Gen 9 hop up on it atm just need to try some different Gels through it to see what performs the best.

Well that should suit the DKJ10 hop up very well, I still use them on a few blasters and so far they have been faultless

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It’s a nice little blaster works well with the 1.28 Ausgel spring. Going to try the LDT Reds in her with that hop up tommorow. Will report back on it.


Howd u go with that hopup & the LDT reds ?

Hello, just asking a question about the j10 hopup.
Is if i install a standard 35cm barrel

Then can the j10 hopup just screw onto the outer barrel?
Thanks heaps, Lincoln

Yes it will screw on to the 14mm CCW thread but it works best if at least 10mm of the inner barrel is protruding

Yeah there is about 2cm showing. Thanks for that

2cm might be a bit much so be careful when you screw it on , when you feel it hit the inner barrel stop, if you keep screwing you might damage the hop up.
Best to have 10 to 12mm

Ok thanks for that. So i dont want to put it on really close to the internals of the hop up?

As it screws onto the outer barrel the inner barrel goes up inside the hop up and comes to a stop, if the inner barrel goes in too far it can damage the internal parts of the hop up.

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Sorry for the late reply Folke’s, been busy with work. Tried it today worked good with Reds and AK hardened. Had to use a little thread tape and 2 oring’s as spacer for the back of the hop up to take up the little bit of movement .getting around the 30-35 m mark.

That’s how I mounted this hop up. Others maybe different though.