Cyma gel blaster in the coming

Few style of Cyma gel blaster, no more details yet


Do you know if these are metal?

They are not metal ,should be nylon

Good to see one of the bigger names in AS dipping their toes into the gel blaster pool. Be interesting to see the quality of them.

Now if they could do a gel ball version of this little all-metal CYMA beauty :drooling_face:

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Full metal body still grey area in China market I think

It’s weird a huge superpower like China with a massive military force of well over 2 million would have issues with kids playing with metal blasters.

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they should just mod there normal AEGs from AirS*ft for gel blasting. so then we can get. SVD DRAGONOV SNIPER BLYAT.

Soon to be classed as replicas,
If ABF has it way.

reeeeeeeeeeeee, not my gel blaster