Cyma Long (sr16e3) upgrades

i recently got a cyma long and ive done a few upgrades
1.3 spring
metal 18:1 gears
480 motor
full metal 15t plunger and metal plunger head
metal ldt cylinder head and nozzel
what other internal parts can be upgraded?
also what hand guards and outer barrels will fir the cyma long?
thank you in advance <3

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Pretty much any standard M4 style handguard and outer barrel will fit the Cymas, just not the ones for the Gen 8 (it has to use the threaded barrel adapter). Of course you’ll need to change your inner barrel to match if you want to use hopups or make the most of the additional length for longer ones.

I have a Madbull OmegaX FSP handguard and a longer outer on a Cyma Short, it looks pretty neat! Was expensive though :sob:

@Justin_Etzler, Hi, I know getting a quality brand motor is always much better, but it already had a 480 in it, just saying :relaxed:
15T plunger is going to upset your AoE severely and you will end up grinding some teeth down until you have possibly 13.5 left.
If you changed the cyl head and nozzle, have you test fired it yet? if not, then I might suggest you go for LDT “T” piece as well and it might work.
CYMA has a very distinct size issue and I spent days trying to find something that would match up. I ended up just getting the full alloy version of the proprietary brand.
1.3 Spring, is that mm or M rating? Is it equal or unequal? Have you changed the spring retainer? All will be important in the endgame.
Handguards are a personal choice, as long as they will screw onto the 19mm thread. The length is also dependant on what you want to do, but I would say that the inner barrel will be your main limiting factor.
Outer Barrels…Again, CYMA are in a world of their own. Nothing will fit the adapter except CYMA barrels. They are “D” shaped with two grub screws to hold it in place and additionally it holds the inner barrel into the “T” piece. Once loosened, you can remove the outer and the inner barrels. If you go Generic brand, you have LDT at the nozzle, possibly the T piece as well, I would look for something that has an LDT fitting on the barrel adapter, 14 CCW screw-on barrel to your sizing in length, but now you have to make sure you have glued that barrel into the T Piece.
I just changed my Cyma short CQB to an intermediate PDW / Mk18. This is it with a 10" front handguard on it and a 38cm inner barrel.

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ive been shooting it its working fine, and i used ldt head and nozzle because they have the same fitment as the cymaand unequal 1.3mm and was no need to change the spring retainer as the stock one in the blaster was metal and the ldt t piece is longer then the stock on in the cyma. also i changed the gears over to metal so i swapped to a different motor with a metal pinion with high torque

@Justin_Etzler, That is interesting. When I was doing my upgrade, nobody had any idea what to use in the CYMA for head and nozzle :joy: I guess, that shows some of the levels of the store people who say that they will do the mods for you. That was where I had been given that information and only a couple of months ago too :frowning:
Unequal 1.3mm is a good choice and now I understand why you swapped out the motor. I have not personally as yet, I’m putting in a MOSFET, an M100 unequal spring and 11.1v 2000Ma battery. We will see how the motor goes.
If you change out your barrel outer, you will have to look at a new adapter and figure out a T piece.
That might be something you could consider, either a fire control MOSFET or Active Braking MOSFET.

a youtuber changed a few parts and figured out that ldt head and nozzel fir and i think kublai trigger, why woud i need a new t piece?

To make it work with Gen8 magazines

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This and if you want to change your outer barrel, you will have to change the barrel adapter. This will lead to a T piece change because CYMA has their own distinctive shape for both. Well, I am basing it from both the jd001 & 002 as well as some a/soft I looked at.

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Which handguard did you use in his build?

You mean the 10" one I used?

Here’s a 10inch quad rail handguard that gets rid of the delta ring.
Cheers Gaz

Hey Team CYMA,
So my question is if I leave the gears as is but upgrade spring, cylinder, piston, piston and cylinder head, what kind life could I expect out of the nylon gears that the CYMA M4 long comes with?
My goal is good straight shooting and grouping at 20-25 metres.
Also what hop up are you guys running?

That is all I have done with mine at present, after I put the fire control MOSFET in, I will put the M100 spring back and see how it goes. Right now I am using an M90 and it seems to do just fine.
Hop-ups I have been using are the V2/3 Rizer and I have a DK-J10, It is supposed to be suitable for CYMA’s…I did not get much joy with the Rizer hop-up, but I also have no idea what my fps is, so it could be just too high for them to be effective.