CYMA m16 (Vietnam model) has anyone tried this one was its good?

I think it does

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My friend’s brand new CYMA M16A1 for only $387 :sunglasses:


$387 is a good price and looks the goods too, but I’m holding out my opinion on CYMA’s new gearbox until we have really pushed them.
They might be great now but the old orange nylons were horror shows

So Davbot, what’s the go? have you experienced feeding issues with your CYMA or LCT straight mag?

I have 2 one is perfect the other one the mag motor kept moving and not engaging the gears unless I squeezed the mag , i put a little bit of plastic down one side of the bracket that holds the mag motor working fine now .

And both are which brand?

I think it’s lct the ones I hobby have

The thing I remember most about the M16 is it was a prick of a rifle to field strip and reassemble in a hurry. The bolt set up and T-piece was a PIA when getting it back together. You had to fully assemble the entire r*fle to get it to work.

To get the SLR working in a hurry all it needed was the bolt and rat tail put back in, close it up and put a mag on. It took a couple of seconds and would fire a single shot every time it was cocked. It was a far better design.


Has anyone pulled down the CYMA to compare with low guidos video?

Pulled the box (from a different Cyma blaster) down the other day.
Very impressive all round, with the usual caveats eg needs better o ring etc…

Been eyeing off the JG m16a1 from m4a1 for last few weeks. it and the CYMA seem to be rated very similar by the wind soft crowd.

I’ve got a JG M4 from x-force I’m really happy with.

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not bad value

Wow that’s cheap since just the blaster was listed on their site for $600

i was tempted but arghhhhhhhhh if it had the genuine m16a1 markings on reciever i might have been swayed more but the price seems pretty fair for a metal blaster

Well they are only $499 at m4a1 not $600

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this is a bundle with 5 x 20 round mags and a rubber buck knife.

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