CYMA M4 CQB Shorts, new outta the box performance

Turned up in the mail today. Impressive for the under $130 price tag :+1:
Very well built, plenty of features and quite heavy for an M4.

Looking a little strange not having carry handles even though box cut-outs clearly designed for them. Didn’t take long to find a couple in the spare parts drawer and chuck them on :+1:
OOTB performance using half flat Chinese Checker 7.4V and cheapy ootb blue gels.
Black Betty single fire …

Full Auto…

The Tan Tart, single Fire…

Tan Tart Full Auto…
After a few different Milkies/Oranges and Blues, the mag feed is really clean and consistent. The Mag Latch has a really good deep detent that is easily opened without fingernails :+1:
Quite impressive all over really. Next time will be changing connectors to DEANS as all my other blasters/chargers/Turnigy Batteries are all running these connectors which inhibits proper testing with the crappy half charged ootb batteries that are lying around :confused:


Stop being lazy and make an adapter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That being said. How did you get them for 130???


Will shoot you a msg :+1: I’m so impressed with these things I just went and ordered a third one :joy: $134.00 delivered to W.A. Can’t even buy a shitty old JM Gen8 for the price :open_mouth:


I might need more as well. :sunglasses:
$119 delivered from these guys.

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Awesome deal :+1: EBay is my favourite friend for sure :grin: That’s where I’ve paid half price for all of my blasters compared with other distributor prices :roll_eyes: I always try buying Australian first and yet always still find great deals, whereas other times there is no choice when everyone here is “out of stock”. It certainly keeps the hobby good cheap fun :ok_hand:

I think @Gambit needs to have a good look at this :grin::+1:

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I managed to get mine when M4a1 did a flash sale for $99. But under $120 delivered is a great deal


Great score :+1: Decent otb performance

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and i thought the gen8 scout was a good deal

That looks better with the handle :+1:
I’d probably put a less bulky stock on too.
Think I’ve found my next blaster


Gonna order one too. Looks like my kublai omega 7".
What length is handguard ? Does it fit off the shelf aftermarket or cyma specific parts ? Cheers

The stock is really comfortable and has room for two batteries

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That’s like the HK stock with the double battery holder

It does look like yours. Put some orders In Last
Nite from Monkee mods and shirt from gelsoft warrior, the beard and blaster one.
They checked out my knee today, it is a torn miniscal, not bad enough to operate , just doing rehab with physio. Be back this Sunday so will be able to go to game th weekend after to test the MK box in the mrt

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I think CYMA is a bit like wells with specific CYMA only bits, just not sure which bits
@DocBob how is the front end attached? Is it like a Gen8 (push and turn) or does it have a delta ring type

Yes the bulky stocks have never been my favourite design but these things are heavy, solidly built, have an awesome rubber pad/ battery access/ quick change panel that fits extremely well and functions perfect with this blaster. I have several other stocks laying around that I might try out…but I don’t think anything is going to compare to these :+1: Same with the handles, had a few metal and nylon ones spare and was surprised at how much these blasters weigh Ootb. Just adding a metal handle to Tan Tart has put it nearly 1/2 the weight of my Full Metal Little Pig M4A1 V8! I don’t think I will really touch anything on these other than the standard air seal/o-ring/spring checks and small parts. Very impressed with how they are as is​:+1:

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It’s Delta ring and split shell handguard, CCW threaded metal outer barrel, metal barrel adapter, split receiver, metal buffer tube with the internal screw/ bolt plate to gearbox etc. Very much like the wells. Haven’t had a close look yet but will strip them down for the checks/upgrades and see what other parts are alloy etc.


Will let you know :+1: Haven’t had time to pull apart and tinker yet :confused: Hopefully tonight after work will rip into the Black Betty…as a mechanic, I have fears that the Tan Tart won’t stay Tan too long with my filthy mitts all over it …but the black one will be fine :joy:

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Not a fan of those stocks either but not having to remove and readjust the stock does appeal.

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lemme know aswel please, would be keen to pick one up at that price