Cyma with no power no matter what i do with it

And thanks @zeHamish without your input I would have never found that. Id still be scratching my head


I just downloaded it and rotated it in photo viewer then uploaded it back into your post


Did you read my linked thread @Ssrotel ?
Tappet travel is sooooo varied between every model blaster it’s ridiculous :roll_eyes:
That’s why I always test the travel and preloading with the gearbox split.

Great to see you solved the issues and is punching out some good steady numbers :+1:

There’s a chance the orange tappet is actually not damaged.
It controls 2 things, feed opening timing and duration.
If gels were feeding but with low fps, it’s is probably because the nozzle is not closing fully or in time.
The I’ve lined I’ve added show the sections that are the culprit…
The orange tappet should work when these bits are removed or at least somewhat reduced.
Compare it with other tappets.


Orange was the replacement

The blue is a tappet out of a working cyma blaster i have

I have 3 of the bastards and ones in parts as the receiver is getting paint.

Dropped the cyma tappet in, put back together the gearbox and shes up and running, and handed back the blaster

The orange one, (its an ldt one from xforce), i reprofiled, but also found it was fouling on the gearbox at the front, but that only presented when it was in with the cylinder head in place.


I’m with you now. Np

All good

The original tappet was torn apart when the ar latch spring failed and the box spun the wrong way and the sector gear collected it

It tore apart the runners on one side of the gear box as well

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