Daniel defence omega rail hand guard

Hey guys I bought a Daniel defence 9inch omega rail hand guard and a stabiliser ring but the problem is the ring is to big and won’t fit inside it, and there is a lot of movement in the hand guard, any tips on fixing this. Is there another smaller stable ring I can get?

Different type of handguard had different design barrel stabliser, from memory DD ones use the one that look like a circle with a notch in top, but I could be wrong…

As for handguard play what model blaster u mounting it to o.o?

Going to a mk18 from m4a1. And it is a Daniel defence but it says Kublai on it, couldn’t see that in the pics when bought, but trying to make it work. It is a different design then the one your thinking of tho

I think this was spoken about in another thread? Is it the ring doesn’t fit in the guard or when you have the lock tabs in the ring it doesn’t fit?

Arh ok, well this is the view from the front

Have a look at the pic

Looks like one of them should do nicely thanks heaps man. Now the long wait begins lol

You could grind or machine that ring down a bit until it fits and same with the legs if you need to

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Second post down might help

A good solution for stabiliser ring