Daniel Defense Hand guard

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Hey guys
Has anyone had much experience with these ?
I bought one and it’s absolutly awesome
But there was no front stabiliser ring
And I’m having a major issue finding one to fit it
The outter barrel just seems to float and when firing just bounces around like crazy

Anyone know where to get the stabiliser ?
Low Guido I’m looking at you haha

did you see my RSASS video?? its pretty much details how I make my own barrel support.

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Awesome ! Thanks heaps man
I’ll take a look now

TLDW: I use a hole saw to cut a hole in a piece of thick plastic and then file it down til its it just slightly larger than the ID of the handguard and knock it it with a gentle persuader. the centre hole is drilled out to just smaller than the size of the barrel, so it holds everything very tight without and grub screws.


Thank you very very much
I’ll get to Bunnings and find some
Very much appreciated :call_me_hand:t2: