DAO 12 true gel blaster shotgun concept

Been thinking about this for a few days. Think I’ve got the basics of how it will function down in my head.

The main plate will carry balls from the hopper to the multiple barrels of this gel blaster. This will rotate from a clockwork mainspring in the fixed magazine.

Tension will be added via a winding knob on on the front of the magazine.

When rotated into place, a notch will catch the wheel and align it with the barrels, allowing the piston head to move forward and create a gas seal for firing.

The trigger will be a two stage trigger much like the real thing - the first stage releasing the notch to allow the revolver to rotate to the next round. The second stage will release the air piston to fire the blaster.

Once the trigger is released, the tappet plate will draw back the nozzles, and the motor will re-cock the air piston. When the trigger is pulled again, the magazine drum will rotate under power from the spring.


damn that’s impressive I can see it’s been on your mind for a while