Decent places to buy a custom blaster

Just curious where around brisbane does a decent custom built blaster

I don’t know, but my advice is to tread very very carefully !
You have a 99% chance of spending a $1000 and ending up with a lemon unless of course you are easily pleased :thinking:


Agreed. My first blaster was a custom one, cost $650. Ended up having several issues with it. Probably paid about $200 too much for it, but did not know any better at the time.

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IMO, unless you are one of these people who should NEVER have a tool in their hand (think 'some mothers do 'ave ‘em’ (Frank Spencer)


You should look at LowGuido’s videos as a guide and build one yourself… sooner or later, if you are a real ‘blaster head’ you will learn how to build them… between Guido’s vids and guys like Rattler eager to help, it will be a piece of pis… er… cake like

Blasters may look daunting at the beginning, but they are really simple things in reality.

As always, I suggest you buy two and leave one basically stock (just spring and seal, Old faithful) and mod the other one… that way, when you are waiting for parts on the ‘slow boat’ from China… you still have ‘old faithful’ to play with :grin:


All blasters are just time bombs, doesn’t matter who builds it at some point it’ll break.

Honestly it’s better to learn yourself and you can do any repairs instead of paying a kidney for someone else to do it.

Start with basic mods and work your way up.


If you have a chance to buy one of the premium alloy rigs… do it. Then slowly build a bomb proof gearbox to drop into it.