Design and Building a blaster from scratch

I’m going to design and build a blaster from scratch.
It will be a more science fiction looking (and thus be legal in Victoria :roll_eyes:)

The question is. What gearbox should I base it on.
I want to use something that is going to be upgradable etc so have some lifespan technology wise.
It also has to perform well.
Also because the design will be built around the gearbox, I don’t want to have to custom build a new housing over and over because I changed my mind on the gearbox.

I’m thinking of a more bullpup like design, (good for CQB and out in the field) but want to make the magazine probably be a standard m4 type instead of a P90. Think TAVOR tar-21 etc.
So also, what off the shelf magazine would you recommend? (don’t really want to have to design a magazine at this stage.)

THE QUESTION IS: What would you suggest for an off the shelf gearbox and off the shelf magazine?

I’ve seen some pretty creative people using the Gen 8. You won’t have an issue with upgrades and availability of parts. Good logic on an M4 Magazine too. There’s only small variations between the Gen 8 and 9 mags. Either would suffice TBH.

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Thanks for that. One thing I like about the gen8 gearbox is the motor is attached. That makes things easier too. And you can get nylon or metal shells (although the metal one is a bit expensive

It doesn’t have select fire though but a programmable mosfet would fix that.

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And that’s where you need to include one of these because it would be frikin hilarious…