Design for ROF in gen 8

Hi all ,

I have brought a couple of blasters and tinkered a bit with them and am ready to start designing a solid secondary blaster. I’m hearing the crazy ROF blasters on the field (And sitting down in awe when they suppress me in cover).

So I wanted to design a high ROF blaster using my spare m4 gen 8 shell/ gearbox. The problem is I don’t have a solid understanding of the gear ratios to motor tourqe to batter draw mechanics. Is anyone able to explain the mechanics and recommend some parts that I would want to use for a high ROF blaster?

24rps is achievable with 18:1, shs ht motor and a 3s

24rps isn’t difficult to build. You need a little a little more time with the tappet open but it’s pretty basic

The issue with high ROF and I use it to get more Killa is that you dump the mag faster…so while you are reloading… I’m going to pop you in the face

Not saying don’t but range and accuracy will serve you better in terms of owning the field cannon fodder

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Thanks for the advice, I was actually debating in my head wether to go a high ROF or to build something for maximum range in mind. I went with the ROF because it would help me learn some of the motor mechanics, but I could do something similar with a range build.

How would I get max range? Beyond spring, barrel, hopup and o-ring, nothing else makes a huge difference does it?

Lots and lots of posts here about barrel length, nozzel diameters and spring combos

Read up which will prompt the questions you need answered

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Thanks I’ll get searching :slight_smile: