Desktop CNC recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a desktop CNC that will handle aluminium?

It depends on what you are looking for.
Don’t get those cheap cnc routers as they are gutless and poor quality.
If you want a proper cnc matching centre and lathe look at the Tormach machines.
They are well priced and pretty decent.

They look good but a bit out of my budget… I was thinking about $4500 or so :confused:

@Rattler an suggestions that are closer to the $4000 mark? I’ve looked again and can’t see getting a tormach under $12,000

For that sort of money you could get a reasonable CNC router but you would be limited to relatively light duty work which may suit you you well.
Also you may still need a lathe idk.
If you go the router route lol you will need to spend at least the $4000 but it would still be a fantastic toy :+1:
The other things you need to take into account is tooling and holding equipment for the type of work want to do, it is also expensive and you don’t want to skimp on cheap tooling.
Have a look here

I’ll check that out @Rattler. :grin:
Thanks so much. I’ve got an amazing lathe. Got lucky on Gumtree of all places.

Nearly died getting it into the downstairs workshop though…
Don’t see many mills for sale that are any good unfortunately.

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