Difference between HK416 made by LDT and HK brands

Hello everyone,

I am new to gel blasting community and couldn’t be happier since I found out about its existence.
Anyway, I have been watching videos on HK416 and absolutely love it. Turns out there are sites where they sell HK416 made by LDT and HK brands.
Do you guys have any idea if the build quality and performance is same regardless of manufacturers?

Thanks and happy blasting !!

I have the ltd hk416d v3 and it is a great blaster. Have used it in one game and no issue. Great blaster out of the box. Got mine off of ebay for $245 including postage and 10k gel balls. The blaster feels good and is solid.

Hi Zoota, thanks for your reply. No doubt LDTs HK is great and probably thats the reason its been selling out pretty quick. So far I have come across so many reviews on HK416 by LDT only. Hopefully someone will review HK416 made by other brands.
Have you considered any upgrades for you HK yet?

I think you may be a little confused…

There are two manufacturers making HK416 blasters… or at least there were. LDT and LeHui. I believe LeHui are out of the picture now. LDT HK416Ds however are great blasters and very popular, the LeHui model wasn’t as good.

HK (Heckler and Koch) are the manufacturer of the real steel weapon the blaster’s based on and don’t make blasters. Don’t let the Chinese disregard for copyright fool you into thinking the HK logo on the receiver means it was really made by Heckler & Koch :joy:

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Thanks for reply FF! Check this out on https://m4a1gelblaster.com/collections/rifles/products/hk416nylonv3blaster

and there is one by Singularity brand on Tactical edge.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the Singularity HK… they’re getting on a bit now. There’s an old thread on this forum about the Singularity VS LDT.

I’d go for the LDT if I was in the market for a HK416… that particular one, the V3, is a solid performer. :+1:

Thanks FF, yeah I will go with LDT. Does LDT v3 come with easy spring access?

I’ve never taken down a HK, but there are plenty of Youtube vids on it… Low Guido’s in particular. I imagine it’s pretty straight forward like most blasters. :+1:

Yeah Low Guido did a great video but unfortunately his HK gel blaster didn’t have easy access spring. I have seen gear boxes for HK being sold with easy access spring.

Low guido’s

Galápagos J

He has more videos on it

Ebay link

Use code PAINTED15 Makes it cost $246.50 delivered


Thanks heaps Zoota. I will probably be buying it from that ebay store. Cheers