Difference between LDT and JM magazines

Hi all.

Was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in feed speed between tracer mags and gen8 mags. My tracer mags seem to double feed in just about every blaster except my hk.

Was wondering if they are geared different or have different motors or something.

Heard that glow gels are a bit sticky so thought there was a possibility it was the mag causing it.

Just thought I’d check before pulling all the mags down and possibly transplanting gen 8 mag motor and gears into the warinterest mags.

Yes I noticed the tracer mags feed quicker.
I have found double feed is caused by the gels being too small for the barrel dia.

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Using the same batch of gels and same blaster i only get double feeds with the tracer mags.

I know but the tracer pushes harder and feeds smaller gels into the barrel so you get multiples firing

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