Difference between the two CEH G17's?

So, they have two different G17’s listed (not including the P1’s). Trying to figure out the differences between them.

First: https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/collections/1_gas-pistols/products/atomic-armory-metal-glock-17-gbb-pistolco-2

Second: https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/collections/1_gas-pistols/products/metal-glock-17-gbb-pistol?variant=31968712425550

Thanks y’all!

Atomic armory one is co2. Second one is green gas/propane

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Cheers mate! Now it’s kind of obvious looking at the mags lol, silly me. Have you (or anyone reading) had any experience with both? If so, is one better than the other? I know CO2 is cheaper to run, but in terms of build quality I’m curious.

No one has any experience with the ceh green gas ones yet as they are still preorder. The co2 ones are the same as the well ones m4a1 are selling for $299. Seem to be hit and miss for performance. Some are getting 300fps, others low 200s. For the price I’d wait for tac edge/Azraels to get more of the XTPs in the next few weeks.


Thanks for the info Dude! Being from Vic, I’ll wait for some reviews of the CEH green gas version, or see if I can snag an XTP off eBay one day (doubtful).