Differences between brands

Hi all, Is there mch difference between all the brand gel balls? For an example is there difference between aus gel oranges and beast pro oranges? Would it be worth testing different brands or if aus gel oranges don’t run good in a blaster is it worth testing other brand’s oranges? Or just stay away from oranges. Orange is just an example. One last thing are the beast pro premium high grade gels actually any better than standard? Cheers.

Milky and Normal as far as I’m concerned. The the coloured shit is smoking mirrors.

Sure you can get a better pack of coloured ones but don’t judge the lot on that one pack.

Overall from my tests I’ve stuck with ausgel coz their better priced and beasts look like ausgel in a different pack I may be wrong but when I compared one of the same gels from both couldn’t tell the difference except ausgels were cheaper.