Differences between JY AWM sniper rifle and the ZM AWM?

Does anyone know what the difference is between the JY and the ZM AWM sniper rifles is or which is the best? Thanks.

Honestly not sure but the look remarkably similar, I had a JY AWM and honestly I had nothing but issues with it with the tight bore barrel (6.8mm I believe) smashed balls, failure to feed, over feeding, etc.
however using cheap gels it fired like a bloody champ but being cheap gels it had no accuracy :frowning:

Thanks have seen Galápagos J on YouTube with a review for the AWM sniper blaster however it was the JY version and he said the same,feeding issues and inconsistent firing.Thanks for your honest reply ,will purchase the ZM AWM instead .P.S. Did the box containing your JY blaster have the silver Eagle on the front? I been told that the ZM AWM has a Gold Eagle on the box.

I got the “JY” version with the silver logo.

X-Force are selling the “ZM” version and the listing pictures variously show both a sliver and gold logo.

This, and the 3-star review on their site describing the issues with feeding/firing would suggest that these blasters are one and the same.

It’s a beautifully finished blaster and very weighty - I’ve chucked on an alloy bipod and a metal 4-12x50 scope, so it looks and feels the goods, even if it don’t shoot for shit…

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If I had my time again I would rip out their barrel and throw in a 7.2mm and see if that gets it working… really tempted to buy it again and try again, I bought a Ssg69 and did a heap of work on it but still not happy, need a better mag as it doesn’t always feed the next gel and a stronger spring but she fires 4 out of 5 times… the AWM without the work and hop up outshot the SSG when it did actually feed and fire properly just so you know.
I believe she was a silver eagle on the box

i don’t think any manual action blaster of any type will ever fix the feeding issue,
coz they cannot use spring loaded system like ■■■■■■■ / AEG,
the gel will never get push up properly :confused:
which brings up a question…
from the video i’ve seen about the new gas power P1, the mag was single line spring fed,
just like ■■■■■■■/AEG, if that works… why wouldn’t they make that for other manual blaster :sneezing_face:

with that said…
sniper type should have so much free room inside the body,
maybe it is possible to DIY adapt a electric mag + mag prime system into it?

The size of the JY AWM is apparently 95% true in scale to the actual original AWM, however the ZM AWM is advertised as being a 1:1 scale off the real AWM .So hopefully this means a different mold is used and different parts.Would the black or green look better ?

I honestly can’t find anything to suggest that they are at all different. The same logo in a different colour, but being marketed as two different “brands”? The same JY feeding/firing issues reported for the “ZM”? Based on various website listings, the 1:1 ZM measuring in at 129cm, with the 95% JY measuring at 130cm?

I’d love to be surprised here, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting the same temperamental blaster us JY owners have.

As to colour? Black is boring and overdone. Green really is the iconic AWM colour. Tan if you want to be different.

My experience with this is limited but swap the internal barrel would fix a lot of the issues I had I believe, even dropping gels directly in the port was hit and miss so new barrel would be good.
Next thing I would do if I bought another one is change how the mag prime works, disable the button mechanism, put two spring terminals and plates to go between the mag and the internals and figure out how to put a switch that only activates when the bolt is all the way back with an open port, maybe even a mofset so it only activates for enough for one gel to feed then stop.

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Between the jy and zm there is no difference.
As for the feeding issues I personally haven’t had any. (Unless using hard gels). Just do a smooth pull back and push of the bolt and no problem with mine. I even used it in a game yesterday, gold pack milkies left out for a couple hours to srink and not a problem. I want to try a different barrel but can’t find a t piece (if anyone knows of one that would be great)

Yeh Sprocket probably where I went wrong everything I ran through it was a hard gel specifically bought to run through the AWM, probably would of been better running the cheap junkers I have but never tried them.

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Perhaps they forgot to put in a gel blaster barrel ?

Perhaps the barrel used here is designed for airs@>t?

No because the would be illegal

Yes your right,just a hypothetical question ,nothing illegal of coarse just a silly question that has no meaning at all,sorry.

Would the T piece be from the M24 or the cheaper AWM fix? Have seen them on Ebay.

I’m not sure. Ill guess and say no won’t fit cause they are different manufacturers but you never know. It’s all out of China. I’ll have to take the barrel out to have a look.

I have both SSG69 and GJ AWM, both modified, bolt reinforced and rebarrelled to 50cm 7.1 on AWM, 43cm 7.1 on SSG. (corrected)

They’re accurate past 30m @ 300+ fps and have no feed issues that couldn’t be tweaked away. Being manual bolt action, there was really little need for an electric mag and the additional feeding issues.

When you rebarrelled the inner barrel to 50cm 7.0 mm did you use the t piece that came with the blaster or did you purchase a new t piece ? If you purchase a new t piece where did you acquire it from .Cheers.

I got a new t-piece for the AWM from Ali but it’s still in a drawer as the stock one was re-usable.
M24 and GJ AWM use the same internals.
The one in the SSG was re-usable as well.