Differences of V2 and Gen9

Hey lads,

I’ve been a gen9’er (gearbox) throughout my entire gel blasting experience, from what I’ve noticed everything seems to be heading in the way of V2. Now this may seem like a silly question but what’s the differences between the 2 technically?

Ive always shy’d away from getting into V2.

Cheers heaps guys

Think of V2 as the pure standard. Gen 9 is the bastard chinese brother. The US has never heard of Gen 9 since it’s origins are purely gel blasters. They made the gen 9 just enough different to prove to the authorities it could not be used for air pew pew. The internals are much the same parts wise with exception to the cylinder, nozzle, piston and piston head.


Ahk so basically I should really just jump aboard the V2 train as its the standard now for all future blaster gearboxes?

There are many standards with bastard children.

Rule none out for your next build.

Select the one that best fits the job


This hobby is an endless money pit, so many builds, so little time!


Ok so theres a way you can have both a gen 9 and a v2 ( think if the v2 had a baby with its chinese bastard brother but came out genetically fine) the Mk 92 hybrid cnc aluminum shell. Fits in gen 9 and acr and most receivers that take v2 boxes. So you can have a jinming and still be like the cool kids with v2’s.
Soon to be released in a split box too.


@Obskewa hahahah, im super glad you said that because I have the 92H and have dumped a few $$ into it. Cheers for the good news. I’m keen to check out the split box when it’s out. Would make shimming a breeze

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This is all fine …UNTIL…you make the mistake and buy a CYMA! This is the the bastards, bastard son of a bastard when it comes down to certain areas. Predominantly a mid range windsoft gvn, now it is in the gel blaster field. I was told it has a V2, yeh right, provided you buy CYMA parts. Fortunately there are clever people out there who, smarter than me found (and I forget already, F*#king medication) XYZ parts fit and work. By the time you have finished you have built an entirely new “Bastard”. Well, at least it is your bastard :slight_smile:

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With m92, does it have it’s own design t-piece or what does it use?
Are other parts gen9 box compatible too like the plunger, pull bridge ect


The acr tpce fits in the box , im sure others do too.

Im pretty sure the only peice that needs to be changed is the piston/head , otherwise j9/10 bits fit , aswell as the aftermarket stuff like shs.

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The name prolly makes more sense now tho hey lol

what’s the difference with the piston and/or head O_o???

All I really know is the jm nylon piston head screws in from the top and the v2 ones from inside the piston and have a spring bearing guide etc. After market pistin head wont fit on a jm piston. Prolly makes it different length etc , from what I read the other day , that they changed it ever so slightly that jm parts cant be used for windsoft ( liking that name who ever coined it lol). Plus its nylon so itd be changed anyway if metal gears are going in.

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@icarus1314 i just use an aftermarket cylinder, piston/head, just the usual shs stuff, and just gen9 bits for the rest excluding gears

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