Discord Channels

Forums be so 90s. I thought I saw some discord channels on GB but can’t find’em anyone got the links?

Discord suffers the same headaches as FB… categorisation of info and indexing sucks :basketball::basketball: Don’t get me wrong… it’s great for quick answers but once you’ve answered the question 3x it gets to be more than a bit frustrating.

That said I signed up on ‘Gelsoft AU’ discord once upon a time.

forums may be so 90’s but in the 80’s we called them BBS - anyone remember?

its about function for me and whilst simple, this forum package works quite well for my needs.


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Ahh, 33.6kbps maestro modem… screeeeech.

i expect you could still pick the m34f handshake @ 57600 :slight_smile:

WILDCAT BBS! first html bbs…

amnesia lane

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