DIY glow gel charger mod

Made a start on the gel ball mag charge light mod thingamabob.
All fits in no problem an is quite bright.

Those a 3watt white L.E.Ds.
Im still waiting on the gels and also UV L.E.Ds and full spektrum L.E.Ds to see what works best.

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You might need a heatsink on those if you find they die. A strip of aluminium and bit of heatsink compound on it would work well. Or if it’s a metal mag fix them to the side of that with heatsink compound.
Nice work :smile:

Oh, and if you use glow rounds at night, it’s also a legal requirement to make the following modification to your blaster:


Gday. I left the the lights running for almost 2 hours straight and still cool to the touch.
I wish my blaster was here so i could take a photo but the pew pew mod is already done with my laser engraver.


All working nice. I just covered them in hot glue to offer a bit of water resistance.

You have to post a photo of the pew pew mod! I think I have to buy a laser engraver now…

Thinking of doing this myself but I have a few questions, how did you wire it up and if it’s wired to the mag terminals wouldn’t it only light up when firing?

You should put ‘radioactive’ stickers on the mag to scare the :poop: out of people laughing%20(1)

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Maybe painting the inside of the mag white or silver would help the light get around in the mag?:thinking:

Nah all works well. I have a tracer S unit on my UMP45 and the gels are the same intensity as the DIY mod M4 mag.

Yep to the mag terminals. Gels only need a split second of light to charge up.

Sweet thank you for your reply, will try tomorrow