DIY Suppressor for 19mm barrel

This is a quick tutorial on how to build your own suppressor. The parts are all from Bunnings and total cost is around $20 so not really any cheaper than buying an allow one but its always more fun to make stuff IMO.

You will need:

  1. PVC Pressure pipe -

  1. Reduction fitting (sorry can’t find link to product) but the internal screw thread should be really hard to screw on a 19mm pipe so you will need to do some grinding (already done in pic below).
    I had to wrap a few turns of electrical tape around the end to get a tight fit into the pipe.

  1. Pick a length. In this case I’m doing a 165mm pipe length plus the reducer (about 25mm)

  1. Cut it up, make sure ends are square and clean it up

  2. Measure up where you want your holes. I did 4 holes 1 inch apart from the tip. When you have all your measurements square, start by drilling a small pilot hole. Don’t go too big too fast or the PVC will just fracture.


  1. Slowly go up drill sizes until you get to the size hole you want.


  1. Clean up the holes and countersink them.

  1. Locate your reducer into the pipe and drill a couple of holes to screw it in, countersink them.

  1. I used a couple of countersunk head screws that I cut down as you dont want any of the screw going through and hitting on the barrel. They just need to be long enough to couple the reducer and pipe together.

  2. Drill in 2 x 4mm holes on opposite sides at the threaded end of the reducer and put in 2 x 5mm grub screws. these are to secure the suppressor to the barrel.

  1. Spray with plastic primer


  1. Paint it with the colour of your choice.

  1. Last thing, I used some foamy type shit left over from a box of computer parts to make a stabilser for the hop up.

  1. And there it is



Outstadingly simple…noice

Keep it up @BulletMagnet


The gray foams for around the sticks on Chinese transmitters (packaging) would work well there :+1:

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Pretty impressive buddy


This prompted me to stuff some pick and pluck foam from one of toolpro boxes into the j10 as a barrel stabiliser this morning

Worked like a charm