Do drum mags work

Hi Guys,
I went to my first battle the other night and it was awesome. It is staged in a mini golf grounds so lots of obstacles at night with smoke machines and flashing lights to lose your night vision. Not to mention bushes with big rocks in which I shouldn’t have dived into, thinking I broke a rib :wink:
But anyway back to topic. I have this awesome gun with a great ROF so go thru mags. Do those barrel mags work ok?
I just saw one on Gel ball mod for $26 bucks which reckons it can take 700 gel balls.
What’s your experience game players?

I had a cheap one that was ok but you had to prime it a couple times between shooting before it would empty the whole thing properly…
Dunno if others have had similar experiences…

So my take is: Functional but not perfect

Hi there @Maystro! I’ve got the HK416D which currently doesnt have any legit drum mags, but ive managed to mod the STD Drum mag to suit. I cant fault it and works perfectly [maybe better than the stock mags :smile: ]

-takes more rounds
-this mag you can reload with extra bottle/speedloader without removal, via a hole with movable cover in the back
-works exactly the same as the stock mag

-they are bulkier [for obvious reasons]


Thanks @daegis def sounds like the pro’s out weigh the cons. Ordering one right now. I think I will be pretty prepared for my next battle with three Gen9 mags in my pocket and the drum mag.
Although I’m sure some of them guys are ex military and still have their issued gear :wink:

A speed loader or two wouldnt go astray either IMO.

You can refill the drum on the fly without removing it if you get the right drum mag.

Although I am sure they would all have this feature.

Good luck on the battlefield! :wink:

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