Docs Mods: New Full Metal CYMA/WELL/LDT CQB Build

…as innocent as a Catholic Priest :roll_eyes:

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If you make that sin it will be forgiven? :joy:

Not in my make believe religion it won’t be!

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Then take 5 min. Hit add to cart and then buy. Then come back to reality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh dear, is that the time? I simply must be getting home.
It’s late and I’m sure I’ve already overstayed my welcome.
Well thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful evening.
Say goodbye to George for me and I look forward to catching up with you all again at the Tennis Club next Sunday.
Toodle Pip :wave:

Man. These tennis racquets hit mighty small balls :joy:

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ahh yes, but the j12 is a brutally robust extremely cheap platform with a huge mag cap

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Don’t you bloody start!
There’s enough of you pushers around here already :roll_eyes::joy:

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hey…just calling is as i see it

i went tits up one evening, landed squarely on the J12, slid along the concrete floor…

rolled over, pointed the muzzle at the concerned but unsuspecting opposing player

and lit his arse up

just one of many epic instances the J12 has provided me during game play

second hand - $85 with 2 mags. score.


I do have difficulty putting it down. :sunglasses:

I have a few illegally imported Jelly Rubber high velocity metal slingshots and a big bag of hardened steel ball bearings out of the Hot Rod Shop that will outperform ANYTHING you bastards try and talk me into on this forum :roll_eyes::joy:

Yes…but if you shoot people with them they whinge and wont play with you any more

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All that’s needed is an AK at around $130-150.
Bob gets interested.
Next thing you know, the whole country is out of stock.

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You are an absolute tool my friend :roll_eyes:

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