Does anyone have experience buying xyl arp9 from ihobby?

I’m pretty new to gel blasters but from the research I’ve done i know there are different versions of xyl arp9, I want the version 3.5 as apparently it has a higher fps and is more accurate and is better prepared to take an 11.1v. I’ve been looking online and setup carts ready to go on different sites and accidentally clicked checkout on the ihobby cart :roll_eyes:.

Has anyone bought there xyl from there and know which version they received? I emailed them but they didn’t tell me which version it was but said it came with a red mosfet and to run a 7.4v, thanks.

Welcome to the hobby, you can always email iHobby and ask them these questions. I’m sure they will reply that they “need to ask the boss” … and never get back to you.

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I’m not 100% sure, but looking at their website, I’m thinking it is version 3.0.

Someone else on here might have a better idea though.

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Yeah I sent them an email and all they said and i quote, “The version with an upgraded red mosfet for 7.4V only.” :neutral_face:

Welcome to the madness @hsmudoon! I’ve got an arp9 from iHobby pretty sure it’s the 3.0 (red mosfet, gold inner barrel & silver blowback plate).

Honestly it’s a roll of the dice with these blasters whether the mosfet survives or not. I’ve only run it on 7.4v and have still had issues where it just didn’t want to fire or would shut down. Mosfet finally fried after a service of the gearbox (re-grease gears & redo air seals) and now fires 3 rounds after releasing trigger on semi or auto.

You can do as you want but just be prepared to replace the mosfet if you run 11v. Also you’ll want plenty of mags as they only hold around 100 gels and that won’t last long with a higher rof.

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Haha thank you, I’m already addicted! Ahh right i see, how long ago did you get your arp9? Im hoping they have new stock but I’m not liking my chances.

February this year. I’d recommend swapping the barrel out to a 200mm for better VE and fitting of a hop up :+1:

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Yeah i saw Bradley phillips results with that setup, very cost effective upgrade, also… Just got off the phone to ihobby, apparently they supply over 10 stores for the xyl arp9 and so I’ve been told that i should get the 3.5 version so we’ll see what happens.

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