Does anyone know how to fix mp7 not making the shoot sound but a motor not turning sound

please some tell me how to get to the gear box of a mp7 v3


Don’t know about the mp7’s at all sorry but i love your title.


Undo all the screws on the right side of the blaster with a hex wrench. There is one hidden under the Picatinny rail on the right side of the blaster. There is also a small Phillips head screw on the handle at the mouth of the magwell. Once open, gearbox is in front of you.

To be honest though, if you are having trouble opening the blaster, repairing it might be a bit too much of a stretch

youtube it, watch it, re-watch it then when you do take it apart have the video playing in front of you. also take photos of every stage as you strip it so you know what goes where etc. if you watch some vids and want to have a go still great you know exactly what to expect, but dont go in blind otherwise you’ll end up with foreign bits everywhere.