Does anyone know if you can get a metal gj 98k shell receiver

Looked on about 15 different sites they are all nylon from what I’ve seen.

The real 98k has a wooden receiver, why would you want a metal receiver?
Unless you mean the cylinder/bolt assy ?

Hum, l thought l knew what a receiver was, I’ve never a wooden one.


Technically you are correct but we mostly refer to the shell as the receiver :grin:

this is what I have is it not the real 1?

The 98k I have has a plastic receiver ive ordered the v3 bolt kit

In the interest of accuracy we shall call the plastic part the stock on a bolt action rifle :+1:
I’ve never seen a metal stock for an KAR98 gel blaster

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:+1:Ok thanks mate I wasn’t sure I had a feeling there was no upgrade for that

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I am actually interested in whether there are wooden stocks and metal recievers for the Kar 98, Ive noticed that the AK47 has wooden stocks available, however beyond this there doesnt seem to be many other blasters which do, also are there metal barrel upgrades which work with it? would upgrades for the m24 work with it?


also are there metal parts for the assembly below the actual barrel e.g the cleaning rod? alot to ask but it is a petty amazing rifle and probably one of the more iconic among snipers haha, maybe I should make my own thread about this?

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@Archeon M4a1 had wooden stocks a while back but not sure if it was k98.

Hey sprocket, I had actually seen you mention that in another thread earlier I think and had aleady checked unfortunately it doesnt seem to be listed there :sob:

They are apparently getting them in at

oh really? I cant see anything on the site specifically mentioning wood stocks or metal recievers, that being said could easily because im blind hahah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
“Material: plastic ABS”

EDIT ooooh I found it:
“And change the body to real wood body:
(coming soon)”

Search (gj) then click on the 98k and scroll right down to the bottom it says there coming soon

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I sent them this
"Hi, I noticed that the page regarding the KAR98K states
“And change the body to real wood body: (coming soon)”
I was wondering when this would be available and whether it is possible to buy the body itself separately, also are there metal parts available for the rifle and if so which exact pats e.g outer barrel, cleaning rod, fixing ring, reciever? etc.

Thanks for your help."

If I hear anything interesting I will post it here incase anyone else is chasing info down.

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Hey all,

I just recieved this email in response to my previous message:

"Hello Archeon,
The wood body is make to order.
The cost is $300. (1 month needed).

We have the upgrade kit V3 for this model.
Best regards,


While a Real wood body for this rifle would be incredible, I personally will probably stick to my m24, he did not mention the other pieces discussed in the prior message so my assumption is that these parts would not have metal replacements and it would be a Real Wood Stock, V3 Bolt System, and ABS/Nylon for the other pieces.

As a side note he did not mention whether this Real Wood body kit could be purchased separately, however the insinuation made by “make to order” would be that this would be an optional upgrade so long as you purchased a new Kar98k from them.