Does the HK416 Tappet Fit the New LDT MP5

Just wondering if anyone knows if the HK416 Tappet/Pull bridge fits the new LDT MP5

The picture is of the tappet I have that fits the HK416! Cheers



The 416 and mp5 run a warinterest gearbox. So it should with no issues.

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Many Thanks mate, I thought that might have been the case, thank you

I’m pretty sure your v2 tappet also fits. But my mp5 one hasn’t broken so I got no need yet to look.

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I would love to hear how you go with it when you do upgrade down the track, Thanks for the fast reply

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The tappet is one that I didn’t need to upgrade. But this week I made it full metal and fit a dkj9 hopup to it so it’s probably a fair while till I get there unless something breaks.

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awesome mate, are there new hopups out to suit the new ltd mp5? So the Mp5 is reverse thread? would love to see a picture of the DKJ9 attached and the thread end!

Yeah I’ll pop one up soon. It’s a little odd where it fits perfectly but seems to be a little off centre. I put a small drop of hot clue at one point which seems to have fixed that issue enough to where it works really well in the test I did earlier today. 2 small adjustments and I’d eat one 30-40m with it

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that’s brilliant, well done mate! I look forward to checking it out!

(Ignore the background. Workbench is rather messy right now)

Even in that picture you can see that it doesn’t look quite in line with the barrel. The issue isn’t I’m the hopup itself but I think that front sight price that comes off. It’s not quite in line once you push it in. The second picture I think you can just see where I put the hot glue just to pop the front up a little also make sure you have an o ring so you can turn the plate on the hop where it needs to be. The dkj10 looks better but J9 is all I could get.

That being said though. At 15m I’m landing 6/10 shots on a small milo tin with the current setup. As to range. I’ll know more next week when I go to a game.

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Ok. I’m an idiot :man_facepalming:

While explaining all of that I had a bit of an epiphany of simply adding a slightly smaller o ring where I put the hot glue instead of the o ring in the ring near the hop up. The hop ups easily sitting straight now. It’s lined everything up


Hey awesome man, Thanks for posting the pictures, I see what you mean about the sight and a little off. It still looks really good! and if you are getting that sort of good accuracy at 15m its great!

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Well there you go!!! simple as that, She looks sweet on there now, I wonder if the accuracy will be better now, you probably won’t have to compensate for the bend as much. That looks sweet mate and thanks for posting :slight_smile:

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I got a small bit of tape and put it at the bottom section of where the hop would finally sit just to boost it a little. With those 2 changes it’s near perfection. Can’t wait to take it out to a game.


Gee they are a nice looking rig, One of these are next on my list, Do you know who are selling these at present?

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M4a1. For 349 I think. Command elite hobbies. But don’t get theirs. Their nylon gears. It’s where I got mine from hence having to upgrade it all myself. :roll_eyes:

Best bet is probably armoured heaven tbh. I think their like 330 full metal gears and I think his comes with a drum and a stick mag.

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Oh one thing of note I forgot to add. They use a c3 warinterest gearbox which tbh is amazing. But the twits still use bearings. Mine within a week seized up and completely stripped half of my spur gear. So you may have to replace them with some 8mm bushings anyways down the road.

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yeah I like Brad, I might go there and grab one! thanks heaps for the advice mate, appreciate it

No probs. I got a couple threads of a full breakdown and a fix for the drum mag if it has feeding issues that might help you out.

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