Double the barrels and double the fun?

Tac Edge have a teaser video on their fb page about a “new product in development, coming late April”
By the look of it, it’s a gel version of the Classic Army DT4 double barrel.

Be interesting to see how it works with gels. The piston from the as version (all aluminium and steel)

Classic Aemy DT4 piston

The internals -

The as version has mosfet and programmable trigger.

Will probably be another top-dollar blaster though :money_mouth_face:

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Interesting, piston assembly looks very heavy.
Actually it would be fun to try and DSG something like that, only problem is that is probably ugly as fook.

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Lol your a certified maniac !
It allready got double but you still want DSG :rofl:


why stop at 2? noidea Getting soft in old age? laughing (1)