Dream builds CAR-15

Hello everyone. Im new to gel blasting and have already caught the bug lol. I’m keen to start modding my blasters and I have an idea for a build. I want to do a CAR-15 much like what was seen in the film Blood diamond. Short barreled CAR-15, old stock, carry handle sight with a rail and sight mounted, old grips, torch fitted under the barrel and a modified muzzle.

Im trying to approach this realiticly first of all finding a decent base blast. From what Ive seen here in Aus its mostly new age M4s with rails on the markey so Im leaning towards the Kings CQB M4 all metal. I’ll hand the carry handle, change out the stock and simply stick a modified AK74 muzzle on the front then attach the grips over the picatinny rails. I intend to paint it too. Any thoughts

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Apparently a bit of a weird one from random parts. Blood Diamond - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

If you wanted to match that you could always start from a cyma m16a2 and change you barrel for a shorter one.

How do I change the barrel? Are there gel blaster armorers who can modify barrels? I’ve also found the Azreal M933 although its nylon but it has the old school stock and hand guards and shot barrel.

Hi There.

I Had a similar train of thought and threw this together, it’s basically a stock Jin Ming J9 with the barrel cut down, a 3D printed Carry Handle and some paint.


I was planning on changing the Stock to a proper CAR15 smooth style and get some skinny hanguards until I saw these are available, I just need to try and justify spending $550 on another blaster.



Thats pretty amazing dude well done. What torch did you use and what mount did you use to put it on the barrel? What sight did you use? What paint did you also? Do they make firearm paint or did you just use enamel spray?

The skinny hand guards and original stock are the hardest thing I have tried to come across. I was going to settle for an APS CQB with skinnish hand guards and a new type of stock but thats awesome, Great paint job too

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Thanks mate appreciate that.

The torch is just a cheap Chinese rechargeable bolted on with a mount off a laser sight I’ve had lying around forever. I am probably going to replace it with one of these mounts and torches.


The sight is also a Chinese knockoff of an Aimpoint PRO/Comp M2, with a carry handle mount on a pretty flimsy 3D printed A1 carry handle thing. these are the ones I used:


I was going to buy this stock and handguard from China aswell but ill hold of spending any more money on this for the meantime


The Paint is just Tamiya Spray cans you can get from hobby shop etc, it sticks pretty good to plastic and has a pretty matte finish without feeling furry or chipping off too easily, unfortunately they are tiny cans at like $11 a pop though.

I get no joy buying everything from china but I haven’t had any luck finding any of this stuff locally.


Just an update if anyone is interested, i built myself a new CAR-15 from a CYMA M16a1, im pretty happy with it but it is on the heavy side.


Metal can be good for realism but most people tend to stick to nylon for that exact reason.

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i dunno i reckon this this thing is heavier than a real one. It feels much nicer without the torch and optic.

Edit: I just weighed it, just shy of 4kg. I’ll stop complaining about the weight and maybe up my weetbix intake


Then that’s the way you run it :+1: Looks nice, I like it. Maybe the aimpoint and light just for display.

I got rid of a 12" quad rail on my AR, it was just beyond the joke having a cheese grater to hang onto let alone the weight, put an A1 handguard on it, much nicer and lighter :+1:

Your average mid length AR should be around 3KG, the shorter commando types 2.5 ish, but depends what you have clamped to them quickly adds up, half kilo optic, quad rail another half kilo, light and the list goes on. Set it up so your comfortable with it’s weight and balance :+1:
Optics and such man if ya can’t see 30M away I’d spend the money on a visit to an optometrist :rofl:


Birthed triplets now
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I have to jump on board lightfoot and convert it in the future.


Ooofff now I get Blackhawk Down vibes :joy::joy:

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