Dropping in a V2 gear box into Moyu Scar L

there are some dodgy bits on this sadly the TRUE V2 Gearbox aint quite right its a bit of a hybrid

also the hand grip the motor adjustment screw aint fukin real lol (so add a descent hand grip)

and the 14mm reverse thread on the outer barrel is farken poorly done i cannot fit a aftermarket suppressor on as its too small so (remake a outer barrel)

and to get battery cable out off stock got to cut the end off i mean that’s poor effort i will rewire it any way but thats so cheep also that spring was the first thing to kink up when unfolding the stock

plastic barrel… maybe nylon gears …and a cheap stock motor

in my opinion this is a 150.00 dollar blaster

but it does look good on the outside so at least it has that going for it so will push ahead with the V2 conversion

also the selector on the gearbox is a tad strange not V2 shaped as per pics it will transfer over to the V2 box though

had to ream a heap out of the lower reciever and when you put the hand grip on it pulls it all down also the t piece lines up well with the mag etc so had some luck there

added some 2mm ■■■■■■ connectors so wiring can be removed from stock when doing a rebuild etc but they don’t fit very tight so will replace them with 3mm versions