Drum mags compatibility gen9

hi all, does anyone know if either of these fit gen9s? i read some places say yes, some say no, some say will fit loosely(?)

also would it be correct to assume the double drum mag holds significantly more than the single? or is there wasted space in the double drum mag that turns out to be about the same capacity as the single

The dual drum “C-Mag” won’t fit a Gen 9 without modification - the back of the magazine is too thick for the J9/10 magwell. You also have to manually “switch” between each drum, as they are not a consolidated chamber.

The second one is pictured with both J9 and J10 because it has correct narrowing at the back to fit these blasters, while also fitting Gen 8 and others.

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perfect, thank you!
good to know about having to switch between the mags on the dual drum - that’s slighting disappointing

There is a small dial on the underside that you use to switch “active” chambers.

The single drum looks to have ~10% or 20% greater capacity than each of the C-Mag drums, but you get two with the latter.

This is the result of seeing how many gels I can roughly pour into each until full :slight_smile:

May still need to mod that single drum one to fit. One I got that looks similar I had to just carve out the top of indent for the mag latch for it to lock into my gen 9. Only took a minute to do


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i have two dual drum mags and the switching i can say is a total pitfa in terms of capacity. pointless.

the other thing about both my dual drums is that only about 40% of them is usable gel space.


Switching? What do you mean sorry?

That sux about the space. Havent had a chance to test mine yet. It has some dried gels stuck in that i cant rattle out of it. Kinda annoying.

Instead of filing gen8 mags , would it be a bad to file the inside of my ACR magwell?
Or would that cause problems with j10 mags?

There are two feed motors and a small rotatable on the underside which moves the battery contact from one motor to the other.

It’s by design and rather sub optimal.

I’ve had a couple jam up on field too so I couldn’t use one side. A bit annoying when you need it

Right , so in the middle position both motors work , or is that an off position and only 1 works at a time?

One at a time

Oh…the other and rather obvious pet peeve…

The dog ball drums get in the way when you’re handling the blaster.

That could be just me though


I hate that when I go to pick up my blaster and accidentally grab my dog by the balls badluck

He doesn’t seem to mind tho? noidea