Dyi LI - ION BATTERY pack 26650 3.7v 2x

Battery gurus out there.
Cupla Question, possible to make a 7. 4v
Pack from cupla 26650 li ion battery’s.
What would be looking for.
In built cell protect.
Or would it have a separate protection discharge board.
Wat would range of discharge be looking at.
35A to 50A?.

The best cells are the Sony,LG, Pansonic,Samsung non protected.
They will have more current available than you will ever need in a blaster.
These type cells don’t normally need protection and are inherently safe just don’t discharge them to dead flat.
PS I just noticed you want 26650’s .
This is a best of review

Googling “Battery Mooch” may help.

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Short story was running 18650 2400mh made.
7.4 and 11v.
Didn’t have a amp /know. On battery.
Either had a good run outa em.
They bout nackered.
RUn gen 8, upgraded to red chi. Metal gears and piston. From stock…also biger spring 1.4 unequal. Slight shortened… . (wanted to see how far could push.
Maybe need to revisit box.
Killed me batterys, they got hot.
Didn’t last long, couldn’t draw enough to run motor.

There are a lot of 18650 batteries that are very low amp draw and poor quality, look for the brands I listed and get the high constant discharge ones.

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yeah, I use alot of 18650 batteries… I find the heavier they are, the better they are. Anything that weighs less than say, 40gm are those Chinese things with rolls of paper in them.

We did a thread on 18650’s a while back… will look for it and edit in a link later pop

Here it is… I put some videos about fake batteries in the last post avatar_22

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