Easyfet alternatives

Anyone use another type of mosfet in place of the easyfet? Not chasing fire control or anything like that. Just a trigger unit to handle motor load.

I’ve just ordered a couple of these when they were half price, so will update when the arrive

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more expensive than an easyfet

Probably a tad high priced for what I’m using to essentially take motor load off the trigger :thinking:

@blek very curious. It reads well. Will be looking forward to what you say about them.

The x-asr are sweet but have to be mounted at the battery, great if you’ve got the space for it.

Perun ab

Two more options

GBA has the Easyfet V2 in stock

Jefftron also do a micro mosfet for $13.50aud

I have one of these and an inline one on order from AliExpress

Hopefully it shows up soon


Have a few of those trigger versions and the T238 Fet Boards…just haven’t been able to finish those builds to test them out yet :roll_eyes:

The only thing I found was that the trigger versions needed a bit of trimming/filing to fit around the receiver castings, can’t remember exactly, was quite a while ago…but nothing major :+1:

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I bought one of those too. I will be interested to see how you go.

Are you talking about these ones?
T238 MOSFET Active Braking Module Set

Yes, I have a few of those, as well as the EasyFet Boards, and the Trigger Block AB Fets.
Will try and find some pics of those :+1:

The trigger block AB Fets are the same as @Ssrotel posted, but mine are a different brand from the USA.

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$7aud for the next 18hrs

Bastards :rage:
Thanks @blek :roll_eyes::joy:
$6 USD each


WTAF ! You only ordered two :face_with_thermometer:


Sold out :frowning:

@DocBob has a habit of buying out suppliers so that others miss out, isn’t that right @zeHamish :joy:

Can only buy as many as they have left @Rattler :grin: … and I don’t even know what I am gonna do with these anyway…already have a box full of different AB Fets of all different types :roll_eyes:


we could be forgiven for thinking that…

you at least seem to get preferential treatment with couriers also.


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