EasyFET: know anyone who has stock

Can’t seem to find any easyFETs in the wild

Who’s seen them in stock on their travels and where?

Were in stock at xforce last week.
Everywhere seems out, including the makers.

yea…off to jaycar to buy some bits it seems

I spoke with EMTECH and they will have them by next week. I am getting two of them direct from the makers.

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i will be grabbing 3

WHaaaa? no off to Jaycar now…hehehehehe!
Eh Whaaa

Went this morning. They didn’t have much of what I needed

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I know m4a1 at 17 mile rocks had some mosfets in the glass counter, was a T something Maybe 238. Don’t know if that’s the same thing as an easyfet

The easyfet allows for our of box fitting.

Handy for things that aren’t v2

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@Kenmar73, M4A1 did have T238 MOSFETs for the M4 series but it was the old version 2 when I enquired. I mentioned to him that they did not have overheat protection and were only $12 with free post on Ali…He was not impressed, but they will burn out quickly if you are a heavy player.

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I don’t know too much about mosfets yet.
I do know what they do , but need to read a bit more into it before I go down that path.

Are these the ones you looking for

I didn’t read the bottom. Out of stock☹️


You could use a t238 active brake module, same size as the easy fet. Command elite sell them. I just installed one in my AK

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Will definitely look that module up.

Wasn’t aware t238 did an inline module.

I just had a look and they are sold out aswell. So you are aware it is these ones. There are 2 types, I got the one which you have to rewire your trigger switch to be positive switched. Commamd elite dont realise there are 2 variants and just semd whatever.

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Em will have stock in a couple of days

Hey mate I have one of these if you want it


I remember these from easy back.

Aren’t they prohibitively expensive?

Happy to take it but just days away from online stock and no tearing rush

Although… :thinking::rofl:

This one will be cheaper! Like free it you want it :+1:

Fuckin tiny !