Effective Sight combinations

A query for the brains trust…

blasters range from 15-30-ish meters in usable accuracy most of which seem to lay around the 15-20mtr mark.

that’s still a decent distance and sure, we can light it up and trace into our target but if you are wanting to be a little more covert and efficient - this is not.

so the query is, what site tech and combinations are people using for what range and why?


I use the standard Iron Sights.


As I have said in other threads, our toy blasters are not and can not be accurate enough to need sights better than open iron sights… I myself rarely use sights at all… I just point and squirt… adjusting where I am pointing to shower whatever I am shooting at with a stream of gels…

Much fun :+1: many gels :rofl:


I ended up with a reflex and front iron sight

I can very quickly pic someone off behind a pallet and keep two eyes open whilst doing it


Figured zoom is pointless but wanted something practical that looks good. settled on this…

Just a simple green/red dot.

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I almost went this way. Was 20$ more expensive per blaster

Good little scope

But… scopes look awesome! I’m yet to buy (a decent) one, exactly because of what @Calcifer said, re: pointless on a blaster.

I guess we build blasters for different reasons, though. Some of us for the skirmish/practical performance side of things, some of us for the aesthetic/replica path, and everything to the left and right of those two examples.

…but I’ll still get one. Looking at an EOTECH XPS3-2 with the G33 magnifier. Plenty of copies out there, and pointless for my practical use… but it looks cool as and, like the rest of you, I work hard for the $ and don’t think I’m asking too much to have one.

Tell my wife I said that. Let me know if she says yes.


I’m looking around for a scope for the MPX, guys.
What magnification would you suggest for mostly cqb/medium use? Definitely some field use, too.
1x25, 1x30, 1x40?

None of those have any magnification, 1x = 0 and the other numbers are the dia.of the objective lens.


Typically we don’t use magnification on gel blasters because the range is so short but there is no reason you can’t.

This one has 4x mag.

And this one is variable from 2x to 6x

I was looking at the Hawke Vantage Red Dot.

Well that will certainly have some magnification :grin:

Actually no it won’t if it’s the 1x

There are these type that have a separate magnifier

I’m torn between the 1x30, or the 1x40.
I’m hoping to use it in darker, closer situations such as indoor cqb.
I’ve read a little bit about objective lens diametre, and it seems 1x30 should suffice.

With holographic red dot sights you are not looking through them, you look at your target and the hologram dot appears in you view.


and for cqb being able to use both eyes without the need to focus on aligning multiple points is very useful.

buy the time you scope me in and line me up i’ve already put 40 rounds into your head because i only have to put the red reticle on your head as i blaze past you

scopes look cool…for sure on the right blaster but a well tuned red dot is going to win hands down every time.

especially in cqb where things are fast and furious


Food for thought, @Rattler @zeHamish.
Who would of thought choosing a quality sight would be so difficult?

not me when i first started this thread many moons ago

and for all the lurve that i have for my red dot / iron sight combo i don’t get allot of use out of it.

sure…you’re hiding behind something and i can see an ankle or your fingers, or an ear…i’m on it but generally and like everyone else…its point and squeeze for the most part.


Spray and pray… all the way :+1:die%20dillon