Electric scooters

I am looking at buying an electric scooter… mainly for going somewhere in the car and there is either no (or $$$) parking where I need to go, so can park away a bit and cruise in on the scooter, which can fold up and fit on the back seat of the car.

Need some power (not a toy) so looking at a 48v 1000w beast…has anyone got one? There are lead acid (4x12v 12ah and LiFe 20ah) but of course, the LiFe are about $600 dearer

So, I am asking, if someone has similar, how bad are the lead acid (or gel) batteries? Or are they pretty good?

I am thinking I will get the lead acid one and save up and buy a LiFe battery upgrade… or even buy 4 LiPo’s and be a real menace?

Opinions? or experiences? noidea pop

The Dragon brand are ment to be pretty good and built locally (Milton in Brisbane). Not sure on your budget but they seem around the average.

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That’s where I got my fat bike like

I forgot they do scooters too. They look a bit pricey icon_e_ugeek

The one I am looking at is nearly $900 with the lead acid batteries, or $1500 with LiFe… just wondering if going the WeightNazi Cheapass lead acids will be a regrettable error, or if they ‘will do’ for a while?

LiFe are worth it

the battery chemistry is allot more stable over time

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What about a one wheel?

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Calcifer cruising around town on his new one wheel

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I want to get a unicycle… a gyro friend in the states rides one alot… I had a try on one and got it first go… although I did cheat to get the hang of it, but could ride it ok after about 10 minutes…

I mean how hard can it be? Even a girl can do it? icon_e_ugeek laughing (1)


I accidently bit the boolit and bought one that already has LiFePo4 batteries (twice the energy storage, 1/3 of the weight and a shitload more cost) eek badluck

Must have been drinking (or should have been) ceazy laughing (1)

At least it should have enough range and powere to get me out of trouble (or into trouble) violin pop

See the battery graphs at the bottom of the link…


Yay!! It arrived already koolaid Have already put it together and battery charging… just raining this evening, so I will test it out tomorrow like pop


Well good luck with it, looks awesome, I’ve been watching plenty of youtube reviews on electric scooters, all less than 1600w though, and stand up only, I might bite.

I was due for an overwhelming project of any description so only moments before committing to an insane Blaster build I was about to design and construct a scooter of big wheel design from the ground up with an electric hub motor, something I probably will still do if I don’t store buy beforehand.

Same as this but with MTB Air Forks, Electric Hub Motor / Battery combo, sweet.


My sons electric skate board does 80kmh. It’s a total death trap :grin:
Just one more “illegal” toy in Vic.


Yeah, mine is supposed to be good for 55kph… That is scary enough having something to hold onto… I can’t imagine 80 kph on a scateboard… no matter how much bigger than normal it may be…icon_e_ugeek

Some of the stand up scooters are good for 80mph (50mph) (hey, that reminds me, exactly how long does it take to go 50 miles in one hour at 50mph??) noidea :thinking:ceazy laughing (1)


So, I took it for a blast on a piece of tar road that is no longer used and closed off, did about 20 or so up and back, up and back… each run around 1km like

It works awesome… goes good and stops good… not too scary to ride. One thing I have noticed is that you stand very high… scooters (that I have and have ridden) tend to have your foot level only 2" - 4" off the pavement, however, this one, the deck level is about 7" - 8" above the road. It is not terrible, I just noticed the height. It is a bit daunting when cruising along standing so high… not the handling, it is quite well behaved, not really any wobbles at all, even at full speed in ‘eco mode’ the slower mode.whoo

I was not sure how fast I was going, I was there for a couple of hours… I tried to download a speedometer app on my phone, but I am useless at phones and apps and all of that and there was no 4 year old there to show me how it was done, so I got the GPS out of my car and held that in my left hand whilst also holding the handle bar.

The GPS needs to be plugged in, naturally, the batteries are useless in the NavMan… but it will work for 30 seconds before demanding to be plugged in.

So, full speed on ‘low mode’ is a nice leisurely 30 kph… which is very comfortable and easy (not scary) and once ‘letting it off the leash’ and clicking out the ‘turbo’ button, one has an instant reaction of nearly pooping one’s pants… it takes off like a cut cat! (from 30kph) icon_e_ugeek

The GPS shut down as I was passing 47kph… so I backed off and went back to eco mode. I am sure 55kph will be close to it’s top speed as advertised… I just wasn’t going to push it as I was holding the GPS, not wearing any protective gear other than my helmet… on tar, standing 8" off the ground… I was ‘kinda nervous’ drama

I did closely inspect the front folding handle and mechanism to make sure it couldn’t somehow fold up at warp factor 9… but really, it is very solid, very stable… and very fun! koolaid


As I said, I did at least 20 passes down the road, U turn, past the car and up the road, U turn and back to the car being around 1km… I kept saying to myself… “one more run” and passed the car and had another one, and another one… and another one… until it was actually getting dark… Was like a kid again lol. laughing (1)

So, I estimate I did around 20 km or so. The battery was fully charged when I started. On the right hand side handle bar there are a green/ambe/red indicator light, representing full, half charge and low on charge… 20 km of hard accelerating after the U turns and flat out in low mode and at the end with the head/tail lights on, I just noticed the green (full) light flickering when accelerating, but still solid when cruising (30kph)… so, I would say I have probably used 1/4 of the battery, so should get well over 50km range… time will tell. like

I wanted to try the seat, however, the supplied seat wont fit on the supplied seat post. I did spread the mount and get the bracket on the post… but it was spread so wide, there was no way to get the bolt through the seat mount… the seat post was in the way. But, that’s ok, I want a spring seat (for fat buggers) anyway lol noidea pop


The ultimate… Rion!!

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Has anyone tried one of the one wheel bikes?
Always been interested in those (not a one wheel scooter)

This sort of thing


I’ve seen someone around Brisbane on one of those, had to do a double take as I thought he was just really good at monos :joy:


These are the Doxtor mushing bikes (aka kick bikes) :heart_eyes:

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I want one so bad, 'cause the sci-fi look is perfect for me.

At 800w motor and above, pretty sure they are not legal in Australia though :frowning: limit is 250w isn’t it?

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