Electrical wizz question

Is it safe to run a Gate Warfet mosfet with a perun V2. I want to use the ROF control of the Warfet. But I have the perun installed. :thinking:. Cheers.

It can be done but it will be fiddly, problematic in wiring and space layouts.

Unless you’ve a cavernous blaster she’ll like the acr or f2000

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It’s a temporary thing just for testing the DSG. I want to just plug it it to the existing deans connector (where you would normally connect the battery) so I can slowly adjust the ROF up until it misfeeds or loses FPS.

So you don’t think it could damage Perun or Warfet by doing this?


where you plan getting yours from/where did you get yours from? sseems like it’s sold out everywhere :frowning:

Hi. I got it off a guy on this forum. :ok_hand:


Plug the blaster into an adjustable dc power supply

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I have a few different ones but my favourite is the old 25a iron core I’ve had for 20 years
Adjustment to 15v and heavy !
I use it for blaster motor run in and testing and also to run dc chargers

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:thinking:. I would if I had one. Thoughts on running Warfet with Perun?

Electrically possibly but why.

I guess a potentiometer would work? I might head to Jaycar.

As above mate. To control DSG motor speed.

Yea but on field or to find the sweet spot and build to that?

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Just to find the sweet spot mate. :ok_hand:

Bench psu is all the way.

Same principles apply to your two MOSFETs idea

:exploding_head: that will take me a bit to get my head around mate :rofl:. But thanks for the input

So not as simple as just plugging in the Warfet. :weary:

It would have to be a large potentiometer!
You would have to build a dc to dc regulator at least 15 to 20 amp.

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:thinking:. I’m not going to toy with this idea anymore. It’s way above my working knowledge of electrics.

You can come over and borrow mine if you want :rofl::joy::rofl:


:joy: I would mate but I believe your about 1000km from me. Thanks though.

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