EM TECH "EasyFET" Mosfet

The easyFET Airsoft Mosfet is a simple $15 Airsoft Mosfet designed to take the high current load off the main trigger switch. It will improve blaster reliability and longevity.

It’s a great low-cost option for builders who want a low-cost method of adding Mosfets to their builds!

Designed primarily to fit in the pistol grip for Gen 8 Style Gearboxes but I’m sure there’s alot of clever builders out there who can fit it in other blasters!

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This is well timed, and congrats on making something affordable! So if I’m heading out to Jaycar, what wire should I be looking to buy… and anything else to add to that shopping list that would installation easier.

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If you’re heading to Jaycar for wire, don’t haha. Just kidding. If you really want to buy wire from Jaycar here are some suitable options. You will probably struggle with melted insulation and stiff wires though due to the stiff PVC insulation.

“Thin Wire” (Trigger switch and mag terminals)

“Thick Wire” (Power)

Get some Jaycar 6040 solder too while you are at it. Lead solder only! Jaycar has great solder. 0.71mm will make it easier to control solder flow.

Heatshrink to cover the mosfet to prevent shorts.

But if you want good quality wire buy silicone wire from Hobbyking or local RC stores.
Hobbyking has it cheapest.
Buy 18AWG for the power and 22-24AWG for switch and mag terminals.

If you need it local, Desert Aircraft is a good supplier of quality silicone wire.

Awesome. Hobbyking it is!

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does it have lipo protection?

Hi…what batteries have you use? Are they fully charged? What is the gauge of your DMM probes? Did you do spring-mod? What LED are you running with?

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