Expectations from professional workshops

Having had a recent build out of a workshop fail me twice in two weeks and then finding a small but high impact things wrong with their work i got to thinking…are my expectations of paid workmanship too high?

so, without naming any workshops you may prefer or have had issues with, what are your expectations from professional workshops?

If it screws up twice, find a new place or take it upon your own shoulders and learn the tech, who knows you could be opening up your own pro shop

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i won’t be going back for sure and rebuilt it myself

was given to them to build because i was short of time and they were recommended.

as for opening up my own shop…hell no :slight_smile: while i can, aint nobody got time fer dat

In this instance poor attention to detail, rushed assembly.

The rig was kept pretty stock so no crazy compression or ROF.

Found a screw in the motor
Had a wrong screw in a pretty obvious place
Wires were run in questionable ways

On the flip side
Grease where it was needed
Generally assembled ok but tappet plate was tight af
Gear shims are spot on

But yes, had this been a high fire, high compression blaster its failure would have been catastrophic

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Yeah, I bought a custom M4 blaster and it had several incorrectly done things with it.
The worst one was the motor pinion gear was not secured properly and the grub screw came out, jamming the gearbox. Was easily fixed, but totally fried the battery pack. This was just after I started using it too. I have spent many hours modding and improving it, is not too bad now.

Being someone who now sells and fixes these things for a living, I think that’s pretty damn poor. Did you contact the shop and complain? It doesn’t hurt to leave reviews on company’s Facebook pages too, so others know what to expect. I’m guessing they’re not cheap, but I wouldn’t know. You SHOULD get what you pay for. But I think theyat could use some feedback so they can improve. If that was me, I’d take it back, fix it properly and offer some freebies… Oh, and… blame it on someone else haha

As an old school tech I understand that sometimes sh1t happens.

If I name and shame and it’s a one off brain fart than I do their reputation irreparable damage and if I were on the receiving end of such things I’d not be chipper about that.

I did have words with them about it and they were well received.

I am unlikely to take any work back to them though which isn’t a bad thing for me as I am more than capable of doing the work myself.

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Yeah fair enough mate. Hopefully not a regular occurrence. Y’know the old saying, Sometimes if you want something done properly…

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