Extra gearbox spring

I’m trying to reassemble my gearbox after replacing the trigger, and apparently not being as adept as I thought I was, I appear to have a leftover spring and I have no idea where it goes. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Looks awful like a trigger spring to me… the spring that goes around the trigger pivot to get the trigger ready to fire again…

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thanks, that was it. i got thrown off because there was another action returning the trigger already

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How does it go i have no idea and im lost:(

It goes around the trigger shaft and the cross bit goes behind the trigger pushing it forwards for you to pull again.

The other thingy on the end opposite the trigger, has to latch into the case somewhere… it should be fairly obvious and will probably need holding in place as you join the 2 halves… you might have to poke it into its hidy hole with a small screwdriver or something to get the gearbox to click together.:+1:

It is almost as much fun as trying to get the anti reverser spring to stay put without the gear falling over at the last second… head ceazy laughing%20(1)