F**k the adjustable lower plate off

hidden inside warinterest outer barrel


Does it work OK?

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is there a particular real not to chopped the sticking out barrel off O_O?

Yes, I was just noting that…

@Kamchop, looks interesting and I’m curious

You’ve pulled out the lower tongue and put in a piece of barrel complete with air vent.

Curious, tested with different vent size?

Edit: you scalped the top half of the barrel mid way down? But the overall barrel is still one piece?

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You got my curiosity up too… stealth hop up. Nice bit of lateral thinking and R&D.

As James Rayne once said… “Per… for… mance” ? :thinking:

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I must be dumb , I don’t understand it or how it fits inside an outer barrel since it’s still the same OD it allways was :thinking:


C’mon niggz…don’t leave us hanging

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Looks to be hidden in the flash hider

EDIT: so it looks like a tongue has been cut into the inner barrel (3 cuts), and pushed in to make the ramp of the hopup?!?!

If it fits in the flash hider it would have been simpler to just trim the barrel to the desired length and have the hop up on the end like normal

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I like to experiment and have the extra gear to do it. Have several set ups with the watinterest outer barrel and the hopup in there normally.
This setup uses the inner barrel as one piece through the hop up. The hop up does’nt fit in the flash hider it sits inside the outer barrel. Not a fan of hop ups in flash hiders either, ruins the look.
The barrel part left on the end keeps integrity and also lines it all up with the hole exiting the outer barrel and stops the lower part of the inner barrel from curving upwards and squeezing the gels too much.
I was not gonna explain anything related to these pics it was more for those who like to try different set ups to work it out for themselves. I am also not gonna write down the results for same reason.
Wait till you see what i did with my sweetheart hop ups. ha


Would you do this again?

Or, did it achieve the desired result?

I get it… time on your hands and in the spirit of experimentation, why the f#*k not? There ain’t much else to do these days. :+1:

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did not want to divulge that info. sorry. could be the best thing sinced sliced bread or covid19.
leave it up to others to find out for themselves.

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but why?
20 character limit

having extra barrel in front of the hop up tongue is not a good idea.
the purpose of a hop up is to provide backspin so that the gel can gain
enough lift to cancel out the effect of gravity.
once you have used the tongue to get the required spin for magnus effect you don’t want to put something else in front of that that your gel can potentially foul and change/limit your spin direction.
don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to poo poo your testing. by all means test and try everything.
share your results.


Hop ups fit in the second outer barrel on warinterest ones

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No need to share it, you just stated it won’t work.
Maybe i am a 10% guy.

What ? Your 10% Gay ? :joy::rofl:
Sorry Bro you left yourself open :v:

Hey, some great innovations have come from the weirdest concepts… and you never know if you don’t have a go :+1:

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gay meaning happy…