FAMAS G2 design and build

Ive taken a bit of a break with the L1A1, I would like to revisit the split receiver design and incorporate a split gearbox … and also not too happy with the gen9 choice… anyhow another project I’m currently working on is a FAMAS G2. Love or hate the design, they would make a great CQB blaster. Im almost finished with the internals and should have it wired up pretty soon. It uses a p90 gearbox, 500mm barrel and gen9 mag. everything else is designed by me. Here is where im currently at …


Interest project

Do you have externals?

yep ill print them out in carbon nylon when im happy with the internals
here’s a screeny of the CAD


Damn Boi… You’ve got skillz

Nice. Was just thinking about this very model and as always, the P90 as a suitable gearbox.
Got plans for the hopper?

not yet but the outer front barrel and flash suppressor are removable, so I can play around with some designs and incorporate a hopup when im finished building the blaster.

I’ll stay tuned. :+1:

oh wow, amazing job.
An M60 and this are my two most desired blasters.

Nice work Paul! Following with interest.

I will Definitely keep an eye on this project. Anything bullpup i am all for it.

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a few more updates



Bro that is sick always loved the look of the Famas

mate can you send me a cad file please

looks awesome. looking at all these builds is making me want a 3D printer for myself. :laughing:

French Foreign Legion called it the bugle for all them years you can tell why

Started on the wiring while I print out some changes. Custom board with arduino and a mosfet irf1405, full auto or select fire using a pot … oh and low battery cut off


Redesigned the upper handle to print in one piece and it came out much nicer. Also chucked some paint in the direction of a few parts… Don’t look too close though :confused:

Deigned a hopup to go into the flash suppressor, Printed it out in ABS, with the suppressor in PLA


Awesome work man. Any chance you will be releasing the files, I have always wanted to fire the FAMAS but this might be the next best thing.


starting to look like something … controller works too😀… no blue smoke …