FAMAS G2 design and build

@zeHamish i cant claim the base code as my own - i used this guys as a starting point. http://code.spells.dk/Guides.cshtml?Page=Arduino_ASCU_V1 - the main difference is i used a digital trigger read while he used analogue. And i used a pot for the fire select, so that was an analogue input instead of his digital read

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Cheers, the cutout is still way to low for my build. I took the blaster out on sunday for an all day event and the gen 9 mag with my dodgy cut worked well. There are a few small mods needed on the lower reciver but overall the design works.

Nearing the end of this build
-redesigned the lower and handle to be a one piece print and reworked the channels for electrics, just need to hit it with flat black
-shot some colour on the upper and stock