Favourite Red Dot/Holo/Scope

Looking to get a basic scope for my blaster but not sure what to look for or which store is best to get them considering they’re pretty much all knockoffs.

What are you guys currently running and where’d you get it?

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I’ve got one of these for my current cqb build and no issues. Nice and compact and solid aluminum build. I picked it up for $30 during the 11/11 sales.



I have this red dot on my M4. I’ve found the cheapest place to buy outside China is the shop at Donnybrook Gel Blasters.


I got this from CommandElite.
Can change from red to green with the push of a button.
When it’s off the lens is completely clear, the sight is a proper holographic setup.

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Is it a little blurry ?

I too run one of those Docter sights. Very happy with it.

It auto shuts off with the cover on, and therefore does not work at night.

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No, it’s just the photo.

I also have a smaller holo scope for my canted rail.
CEH calls it a Lancer, XForce calls is R400.

Tiny compared to my EOTech.
It has four different holo options (red dot, cross hair, circle, combo) and several brightness options.

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It’s personal choice of course, but I took the holo sight off my M4 and found I get a better view of what I’m aiming at with iron sights just my preference.

Tried an ACOG but the field of view was too narrow to be practical for me. I reckon a good holo with a flip mounted multiplier is the most useable… scope in, locate your target, then flip your multiplier out of the way and use your wide field of view holo to see if you’re hitting what you’re trying to hit. :joy:

I too went back to iron sights on a couple. I prefer the small red dot like the docter. Anything bigger seemed to get hung up and be overkill loosing fov. Personal preference

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UH-1 on the arp9.

The camera doesn’t do the “red dot” justice. My view is that takes up 80% of the reticle and is pin sharp.

It is VERY big on this blaster, still looks way cool.

image image


I got that one from tac toys as think they had it cheapest at the time, within 10-15m it’s pretty good

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Yeah… this post got me reevaluating another ACOG sight… dunno why, they’re a bit useless but I do like the look of them on a tactical M4.


Don’t waste your cash, they look good but they are not a great sight.
Mine sits in it’s box in the cupboard, had to jack the back way up to get it on target :frowning:


This one is beautiful but very heavy !


The cheapest and lightest, my favourite by far :+1:


Yeah, I’ve heard those simple red dot sights are the most useable… best field of view.

I know the ACOGS are a bit of bull :poop: but it’s more a cosplay thing for me… and cheap enough at $50. It’s a bit like the Beretta hanging off my hip, just the look. If I was running around Donny all day that heavy ACOG would be coming off and it’d be iron sights all the way. Nice and light and I can see what I’m trying to hit. :+1:

I have a reflex on my gen 9. Great picture. Very crisp. Different sight pictures and good fov. Got it from eBay for $32

Don’t like the proper holo sights. Mine is very blurry and makes it difficult to work with.

I’ve tried a mates aimpoint and love the thing. As said above the cheapest is from the Donny shop.

Ive got one of these on order hopefully turning up this week and a seperate riser to lift it up a little to go on my aug. maybe the p90. Very curious to see how it’ll be.

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Trick with any holo is not to look at the sight, but to focus on the target with both eyes open. Should become pin sharp

Is why I can’t get a good pick of the uh-1 running. The sights recticle is like >60mmx50mm, so I see the actual holo at about 45mm x 45mm. Looks awesome. I need a riser thou.

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I saw this weird sci fi looking rounded red dot with a tail on one of GJ’s cqb blaster

Yet to find out where to get one tho :frowning: