FB Marketplace & Gel Blasters

Tried to advertise a Beretta blaster for sale on Facebook Marketplace… twice it was rejected on the basis of not being in compliance with FB firearms policy… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Appealed a couple of times, and there are plenty of other blasters up there advertised very discreetly as mine was… photo of the box only, Beretta name blacked out, big “This Is A Toy” shopped over the image, only the words “gel blaster toy” in the description but FB still not allowing it.

I deleted the ad, deactivated my account for a while, but such a heavy handed approach to a toy is bullshit.


100% agree, but man…
at least you guys can own it legally and have events and stuff :unamused:
down here where i live in vic we cannot have / do / own anything interesting with out the cops up our ass… let along having any blaster legally with out causing issue…

i really wanna write a page long post to express my anger on this topic (yes i am extremely angry about the current status of gel blaster and air-soft related laws in australia), but i should just leave it here :sneezing_face:

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Are gel blasters allowed to be sold on Farce book at all? There are gel blaster groups… so obviously it is because you wrote the name of a real fire arm in the ad. If I were you I would intentionally spell Beretta wrong so it doesn’t get caught in the fire arms word filter. Try spelling it Buretta or Bretta… you can have the correct spelling in one or all pictures on the ad…

Many people like to associate our toys with real fire arms… with all of the cool words like receiver, silencer, suppressor and gas block and stuff like that… but our toys don’t have receivers nor gas blocks, flash hiders nor require silencers/supressors etc… we have little electric air pumps and shoot gel balls that are 99% water. Using real fire arm terms and making our toys indistinguishable to a real ‘horror weapin’ (in the public eye) is only going to be bad for our sport. Treat our toys like the toys they are noidea

Might be worth trying your add without using words that will be picked up by ‘word filters’ looking for fire arm terms pop

I doubt anyone at Faeces Book actually sent you that message, it will be an automatic response because the system picked up the name of a real g*n… try placing the same ad, but without the reference to Bereta?.. see if the add gets thru…

The ad title was “Gel Blaster Toy”… the ad text said the same and a “pm for pics and details”… nothing public. The photo was of the box with Baretta blacked out and “THIS IS A TOY” plastered all over it. No pics of the blaster itself. Plenty of other ads with far more explicit wording than mine up there already, but that’s Facebook for ya…

At least it gave me a reason to bail on that shit, I guess. :joy: was over it anyyway.